What is a Virtual Assistant?

About Efficient PA

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an experienced industry professional who works remotely, providing assistance with a wide variety of business support tasks and administrative support functions using the latest technology. 


The services of a Virtual Assistant are very much in demand during the current economic climate. More and more businesses are opting in to the benefits of hiring a VA using online services to maintain their profit margins as they recognise there are a great many benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant.

By outsourcing their admin, businesses are able to concentrate on increasing revenues for their business.


For some, it may mean they benefit from increased leisure time or family time.  We are there to free up your busy time, to make time for you.

To learn about the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant, visit our Benefits page.

Efficient PA is owned by Jane Mellor, with 30 years experience as a Secretary, PA and Marketing Manager within the engineering sector. 

Jane’s Efficient PA business is supported by a valuable team of associates with a wide range of skills.  More information available on request.

About Jane:

As a busy working mum, Jane graduated from University with a BA (Hons) in Business Studies.  Jane complimented her degree by adding a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing to her achievements.

With a wealth of experience and qualifications, Jane is able to add value to your business by supporting you, and giving you the opportunity to work on what you're good at.